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Loft Management Software (Available in South Africa ONLY !)

You can download the full installation of FalconLoft.Net by following the download link (Under Download and Features).

You can order an Activation Key (South Africa Only) for by sending an e-mail request to:

This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


Demo Videos:

Demo videos can be downloaded HERE (11.1 Mb)



This screen is for capturing new Bird Records and maintaining them. The Pedigrees and Offspring are also available from this screen.


The Search screen pops up whenever you click on one of the Search Buttons.


The Pedigree Screen is displayed when you click on 'Show Pedigree'.


This is the Pedigree Printout which is displayed when the 'Print Pedigree' Button is clicked.


The Offspring screen is diplayed with te click of the 'Show Offspring' Button.


The 'Race-Birds' screen displays info and statistics of a selected Bird's Race History.



The 'Race Entry' screen enables you to enter your selected birds in a race. You can Nominate and pool your birds and even print an Entry Form.



After a race has been flown, you can update your birds' performance for the race on the 'Loft Race History' screen.


You can setup your Season's Race Program with this screen.


On the 'Stock-Birds' screen you will be able to pair birds and also view the ratings for Stock Cocks, Stock Hens and Pairs.


You can set your personal and other information on the 'Fancier Info' screen.


The 'M1 History' screen is for Fanciers with Benzing M1 Clocks.


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